Aeropress Starter Brew Guide

Updated: 5 days ago

Aeropress is an amazing affordable, durable and portable coffee brewer.

It is a brewer that many coffee enthusiasts will take with them when they travel. In addition it is amazingly easy to clean!

Since its invention in 2005 by Alan Adler Aeropress has become a competition standard coffee brewing equipment. Since then many coffee lovers come up with recipes that fits their palette and that is what is great about the Aeropress!

One brewer that has so many various brewing options don't know even where to start with! This is where we come to help, here is an easy beginner guide to on of our Aeropress Recipes!

The brew is essentially aiming for a bodied cup with mild acidity.

Coffee: 12g - Grind Size Slightly Finer than Pour Over Commandate 20 clicks

Water: 204g / 93 Celcius

Ratio: 1:17

1) Rince your paper filter.

2) Invert your aeropess and drop in your coffee.

3) Start your timer and pour all the water and let is sit until 1:45.

4) Stir lightly for 10 seconds and seal your aeropress.

5) Turn your aeropess around a push slowly, you are aiming for an end time of 3:00. Why did we choose this method? The goal is to get a bodied, intense coffee. Inverted method helps the coffee be immersed with same amount of water compared to normal aeropress method. Longer brew time is also a factor to get more body out of the brew. You might notice the amount of coffee used is relatively on the shorter side. As you might realize from the brew time this is to balance the brew so it doesn't get too intense to an unpleasant level yet still delivering a good kick of flavours. Hope this was helpful, got more brewing guides coming soon and videos! Until then, keep brewing! ☕️

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