Sourdough essentially is bread made from flour, water and salt.

Fermentation caused by naturally occurring wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria, produces a distinct taste. Though sourdough has more to it than just flavour.

The process of baking sourdough is a combination of artisan skills and science.


Characteristics of starter depend on the type of yeast and lactic acid bacteria.

The bacteria produce organic acids. acidified dough is the main reason for sourdough to be more nutritious and digestible. The bacteria also produces Exopolysaccharides which provide structure and change on mouthfeel of the bread.

*Exopolysaccharides also make great food for our gut microbes.

Milling Method

By avoiding sifting you will retain %100 of the same wheat berry.

Freshly milled whole grain, and naturally leavened bread will produce loaves with higher vitamin and fiber content.


Salt is vital for health. It reduces bitterness, enhances the sweetness and provides balance in food. Just like bread, salt is also and artisan product.

We use hand harvested salt in our bread.


for a sour and digestible loaf with higher nutrion 24 hour fermented dough is necessary.

this process slows down the yeast and allows the heterofermantative bacteria to produce acetic acid which gives the bread its light vinegary flavour.

Quinoa Sourdough

Quinoa is widely considered as superfood due to its high protein content and notable concentrations of essential nutrients. Quinoa boosts the overall protein of the loaf.

Riceberry Sourdough

Riceberry naturally has a sweet and sour flavour and strong aroma.

Riceberry is rich in fiber, and lower on glycemic index also helps lower cholesterol levels and rich in antioxidants.`


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