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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Dear all,

During these difficult times please stay home for everyone and your own safety.

Though remember that local shops still need your support. These few actions can help you support the community.

1. Order Ahead and Pick Up

Many of the local businesses are still open for services. 

If you also have to leave home give them a call to order ahead for pick up.

This saves you time waiting in public and gives you a chance to show them your support.

2. Buy Fresh and Local Products

Local farmers will be affected by the virus as well due to the less demand from F&B businesses.

If you are heading to a market get some local seasonal produce for some fresh goodies.

3. Buy Now to Enjoy Later

Much like produce, you can also get takeaway meals to enjoy it later. 

4. Consider Delivery

As you stay home you still can enjoy your favorite dishes and desserts from local restaurants that remain open.

Just hit them up for their delivery services and they will be more than happy to prepare your meal.

5. Buy voucher for later use

Purchasing a gift card to use at another time helps local businesses, as well.

Maybe you are not craving anything at the moment but you can still help them sustain by purchasing gift cards. 

When the time comes it will be handy.

6. Shop Online

You might not be able to walk in to the shops anymore though the locals are still running their businesses online.

You can still show support by ordering from your favourite retailers online.

7. Send Nice Messages

Spread the love, kindness.

It is difficult times for many and we all need the support.

Share the updates, messages, repost and comment on socials. All these simple actions is appreciated and keep us going.

We are in this together stay healthy, stay safe.


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