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Yuchan Tomato

Yuchan Tomato begins with designing the Umami taste, carefully controlling the environment and using only pure and organic materials. They believe that only growing by hand, with love, can we give such exquisite heights of flavor.

SAmple Coffee

"The simple act of serving a nice cup of coffee touches many communities and lands across the globe. Starting in the forests and farms where coffee grows and finishing in our very own neighbourhood. Our daily purpose is to deliver a consistently exceptional coffee experience while acting responsibly with the everyone involved in the journey."

OUR Sourdough

Sourdough is bread made from flour, water and salt. Fermentation caused by naturally occurring wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria, produces a distinct taste.

Though sourdough has more to it than just flavour. the process of baking sourdough is a combination of artisan skills and science.


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